5 Ways to generate an income funnel online

Earning money is no longer restricted to offline jobs. We can earn online as well but that doesn’t mean that it has become easier and you can become rich in a quick amount of time. For those who are successful in online income, there is a significant amount of hard work behind it.

There are various methods, websites, applications that allow us this chance. But before we start we first know about the ways we can grow our funding.

But are all these methods suitable for you? No not everyone is a jack of all trade. In this blog, we are going to look up five ways to help you build up an income funnel online. Keep in mind that you can’t have everything layout for you, you have patience and dedication towards the path you choose.

01. Affiliation Market

By affiliate marketing, we understand partnering up with a merchant. Promoting and selling their product using the link you were given when you partnered up and use the link in your blog or website to sell the product and service. And earn a percentage of commission from the sell amount.

If you have a website or you are a well-known blogger then you should think about affiliate marketing. Of course, you should only become an affiliate for the product that your blog represents. So it’s wise to do detailed research on the products that you are to affiliate,

Besides by promoting good and valued products through your website you would also be increasing the traffic of your website. To make them interested in your website/blog you should feature products that are popular and prepare well-written contents or images of the product. This will also have a positive effect on your site’s search engine ranking.

02. Freelancing

If you have a specific set of skills and want to promote it and earn a job through it then freelancing is for you. Through different sites and link-ups, you can create an income funnel that’s suitable for you. You can have any set of skills like creative content writing, music streaming, taking pictures, etc., and many more.

Nowadays there are a lot of websites that promote your skills and also hook you up with people who need your expertise. There are also sites that only promote a single category of skills while others promote multiple.

There are also sites that instead of jobs provide you with a fanbase system. That can not only hire you through the subscription packages but also have a donation system through which you will get paid by your fans so that you keep continuing the work that they love.

You can either chose sites like Upwork, Freelance, or Fiverr. Where you can apply for jobs or get hired for gigs. Or you could look up sites like Patreon, Ko-fi, Streaming plug, etc. where your online income stream is generated through your fan base.

03. Podcasting

Podcasting is another way to money online. You can find various new sponsors and advertisers through this.

Through podcasting not only can you broadcast yourself, but you could also find potential people that are willing to pay you a sum of money to promote their blog or website through your podcasting.

I know it takes a lot of work behind each podcast, like finding the right niche, creating a script that goes with it, editing, etc. but still, you should look into it.

In the monthly income report of Entrepreneurs On Fire, they have earned a gross income of a wapping $672,926 in 2021. Mind-boggling isn’t it.

04. Online Tutoring

If you think that you have a nag for teaching that you can also start your own online courses. Nowadays many successful bloggers, developers, musicians, marketers, etc. have their own online courses to help others learn and also make an income at the same time.

There are some techniques that everyone may know but not all are good at them, but you have mastered them. You create a guiding video and help them in mastering them. And earn in the process.

You create a set of courses and publish them on a well-known teaching platform like Udemy, Teachable, Lynda, etc. for a set amount of sum to buy a full course or monthly fee to learn from classes from the teachers directly. They mainly join these platforms to better manage students and payment.

05. E-commerce

E-commerce a popular way to earn money online. It’s mainly opening an online shop and sell your product to potential sellers. But that not only what’s going on. The payment method must be secure and you must be clear about your terms and policies so that visitors may trust you to do business with you.

The most common and risk-free way is to sell products provided by merchants and act as a middle man between the buyer and the seller. You can just need to deliver the product to the buyer from the merchant through dropshipping and get a percentage of the sale.


Earning money through offline or online income opportunities all have their pros and cons. But if you back away because of the fear of failure that you can never succeed. Because no matter which route you pick it will take time and hard work. Some may look like a lot of work but if you keep at it and gain experience you will learn that there are easier and efficient ways to do that work.